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Hitachi New Fuel Injection Throttle Body ETB0019

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Hitachi Automotive447197
Part # ETB0019
SKU # 447197
Price Not Available
Part #
Throttle Position Sensor Included
Gasket Or Seal Included
Idle Air Control Motor Included
Hitachi’s Electronic Throttle Bodies (ETBs) are designed to provide extraordinary accuracy with quick response times. High quality materials ensure that even under the most extreme conditions, Hitachi’s ETBs will not deform or malfunction. Precision Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Circuitry maintains accurate engine mapping resulting in optimal fuel economy and performance with the lowest possible emissions. Details such as internal gear sizes, tooth count, materials, and protected circuitry provide a durable and reliable product. Designed to meet the exact needs of each specific vehicle, Hitachi’s electronic throttle bodies are the premium choice.
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    Tier 1 OE supplier for throttle bodies
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    Restores original drivability characteristics
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    Meets or exceeds the OE performance standards to ensure quality and reliability out of the box
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    New throttle position sensor technology over OE design ensures smooth idle conditions and precise air flow metering
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    Application specific gear ratios and materials provide precise control with reduced wear and tear on the electric motor