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1-24 of 2369 Results


      Fuel Injector

      Stepping on the gas pedal and accelerating your vehicle is awe-inspiring, unless you're having problems with your fuel injector. Your fuel injector is the main gas delivery system utilized in automotive engines, but if it's defective or clogged, your ride can have problems starting. A brand-new fuel injector from AutoZone provides efficient emissions and exceptional performance, so you can rest assured that your engine is receiving the right amount of gas when you make this simple upgrade.

      Having a flawless fuel injector cuts down on gas consumption and saves you money at the pump. So, if your ride is a gas guzzler and you're noticing rough engine performance, you're probably experiencing symptoms of a faulty fuel injector.

      A malfunctioning injector inhibits your motor from reaching full RPM and it causes smoke to eject from the tailpipe. Other potential signs of a failing injector include poor idle, fuel odors inside and around your vehicle, difficulty starting, oil thinning and hydro lock. Engine knock or detonation, which can lead to motor failure, is also an indicator of a defective injector. With AutoZone's high-quality fuel injectors, you're able to keep your engine running smoothly for many miles to come.

      Shop for a replacement fuel injector at AutoZone, where you can find a variety of vehicle-specific injectors. We carry everything from a Honda Civic fuel injector replacement to a fuel injector for Civic cars, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your make and model when you check out our selection. If you need a new fuel injector immediately, choose our Same Day Store Pickup option.