Ford F150 Fuel Injector

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1-24 of 68 Results

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Ford F150 Fuel Injector

With proper maintenance, your F150 consistently delivers both on and off the job. The most effective maintenance plan includes measures to prevent fatal damage caused by a combustion imbalance, and AutoZone carries the F150 fuel injectors Ford truck owners need to maximize power and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

When you run your rig with a Ford F150 Fuel Injector from AutoZone, you fine-tune your combustion process for heavy-duty performance. Our fuel injector replacement for Ford F150 restores your RPM range and prevents throttle surges and weak accelerations. A leaky or clogged injector often leads to poor idling and rough startups, and ignoring the resulting engine knock is a quick way to completely burn out your engine. With Same Day Store Pickup (in most cases) from AutoZone, your upgrade is standing by, so order online today to reduce your emissions and enjoy full-tilt power for towing, hauling and everything in between.



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Reasonable price and 3 year warranty


5 months ago

Install was easy and it works fine. 3 yr warranty is nice. Came with O-rings.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2009 Ford F150

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It works


7 months ago

It worked great and gasket was the right one thanks. And my Ecm I got works great

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1997 ford F150xlt