Honda Civic Fuel Injector

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1-24 of 38 Results

    1-24 of 38 Results

    About Honda Civic Fuel Injector

    Having a great time driving your peppy Honda Civic isn't abnormal. With its small, stylish frame and great gas mileage, it lets you zip from one place to another without racking up that gas bill. Keep its efficiency going with a top-quality Honda Civic fuel injector from AutoZone.

    If you've noticed your Civic being particularly sluggish lately and you're just not getting the gas mileage that you're used to, it's time to consider a fuel injector replacement for Honda Civic. AutoZone's premium line-up of Civic fuel injectors offers smoother engine performance and easy starting. Shop online and take advantage of ship to home or pop into your local store and get the help of our trustworthy and friendly staff.



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    Reviewing AUS Injectors


    in 2 months

    Just installed the injectors. So far so good on the drivability of my car. The AUS Injectors fix just like the OEM, but there are some things different from one injector to anothe, which is the filter. Hopefully that doesn't cause a problem from the performance of the injectors.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2000 Honda Civic EK D16Y8

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    New injectors


    in a year

    Had to swap out oem injectors, and found these and they worked absolutely perfect and currently been running them for 5 months with no issues

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 99 Honda civic