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Hitachi New Fuel Injector FIJ0029

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Hitachi Automotive295459
Part # FIJ0029
SKU # 295459
Price Not Available
Part #
Fuel Injection Type
MPFI (Port or Multi-Point Fuel Injection)
Precision flow rates and application specific spray patterns help ensure Hitachi’s fuel injectors meet the increasing demand for better fuel efficiency and power from today’s modern engines. Available port and direct fuel injectors are built with powerful electromagnets allowing them to react quickly and produce some of the smallest fuel dispersion quantities in the industry. Specially designed nozzles create enhanced fuel atomization for increased fuel economy and decreased emissions. Designed to meet the exact needs of each specific vehicle, Hitachi fuel injectors are the premium choice.
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    Simple and effective design promotes maintenance-friendly operation
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    Long lasting OE part
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    Multi point, single point and direct injection gasoline injectors
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    Decreased emissions due to optimal fuel use