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OEMTOOLS Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tool

Part # 24398
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The OEM TOOLS 24398 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tool easily removes and installs the lock ring on your fuel or gas tank when servicing the fuel pump or fuel sending unit. This fuel lock tool fits the fuel tank on a variety of Ford, Chrysler, and GM vehicles. Our fuel pump removal tool for lock rings is crafted of high-quality steel, ensuring that this fuel lock ring tool will resist rust and last for years to come. The lock ring tools feature a slender and ergonomic design that works with a ½" drive ratchet or breaker bar for easier use, and its compact size makes this fuel tool easy to store in your garage. To use, simply place the lock removal tool on the fuel tank, turn with the ratchet or breaker bar attached to your fuel tank lock ring tool, and lift to remove the fuel tank. Do the reverse to install it. It is that simple to use. Our vehicle pump removal tool saves you time by getting the job done quickly and easily, and without requiring a lot of tools. This fuel pump locking ring tool provides all the strength, durability, and convenience you need for removing and installing lock rings.
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    Using Improper Tool can damage pump gasket causing and EVAP Code and Check Engine Light
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    Tool easily removes and installs lock ring on the fuel tank when servicing the fuel pump or fuel sending unit
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    Universal design allows tool to fit fuel tank lock rings on Ford, Chrysler, and GM vehicles
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    Works With 1/2 Drive Ratchet or Breaker Bar