Fuel Pressure Regulator and Control

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    1-24 of 50 Results

    About Fuel Pressure Regulator and Control

    The best fuel pressure regulators and controls for cars and trucks properly regulate the fuel pressure that moves through the engine. While transmission issues bring fear to many auto owners, the fuel pressure regulator and control is just as important. When the regulator fails, the car has distinct signs to look for to help you diagnose the issue. Because the combustion engine in your vehicle relies on a steady flow of fuel, the fuel pressure regulator is essential in a smoothly running engine. The fuel injector needs the fuel pressure regulator to provide the perfect ratio of air pressure to fuel. Without the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel pump sends more fuel than the injectors can handle causing them to fail. This is why it is essential to replace the regulator when you notice there is a problem. After all, your vehicle is essential to your commute, kid pick-up and running errands.

    There are several reasons to search for fuel pressure regulators and controls near me including a stalling engine. The car should accelerate when the pedal is pushed down, but hesitation in movement may indicate a failing fuel pressure regulator. Black smoke or gasoline coming out of the tailpipe warn of the potential failing of the fuel pressure regulator. Excess gasoline can build up when the fuel pressure regulator goes bad causing fuel smells during deceleration or engine backfiring. Unusual noises during idling could indicate a problem with the fuel pressure regulator or a clogged oil filter. The car should turn over easily when the fuel pressure regulator works properly. This is not a comprehensive list of potential signals of a failing or bad fuel pressure regulator, but they are the most common. For diagnostic help, speak with a staff member about the signs your vehicle is emitting.

    Though the fuel pressure regulator has several moving parts, the entire part is replaced instead of trying to find the exact point of failure among the moving pieces. Replacing the fuel pressure regulator as soon as you notice a problem prevents you from being stranded by an engine that no longer wants to run properly. For the lowest prices on fuel pressure regulators and controls, look to your local AutoZone. Friendly and knowledgeable staff help you troubleshoot issues, loan tools and find the right part for your vehicle. A diagnostic test can help you pinpoint the issue if you are uncertain. Our staff have automotive knowledge that comes in handy to help customers with their vehicles. The time and money spent on replacing the fuel pressure regulator can save you more problems with the engine if left unchecked. Talk with a staff member about the differences in the fuel pressure regulators available for your vehicle. Some work better with standard gasoline, while other options can handle the nontraditional fuels such as biofuel or methanol.