MSD Atomic EFI power module kit
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MSD Atomic EFI power module kit

Part # 2910
SKU # 450608



Part #2910
SKU #450608

1.- TBI Unit

Fuel Injection Metering StylePulse Width Modulation
IAT Sensor IncludedYes
Wiring Harness IncludedYes
Additional ContentsThrottle Body w/ECU harness, Power Module and harness w/WBO2, Hand held monitor, Coolant Temp sensor, O2 Sensor, O2 Bung n plug, 4-Rubber grommet, 4-Eyelet insert, 4-Mount screws, 4G Micro SD card, 4 ft CAN Extension, Air filter+ Manifold gasket +PN2920
Fuel Rail MaterialCast Aluminum
Intake Manifold MaterialCast Aluminum
Fuel Rail Color / FinishAluminum raw
Fuel Injector Maximum Flow Rate (lbs/hr)60
Intake Manifold IncludedNo
Calibration Module IncludedNo Calibration Module Required
Gaskets IncludedYes
Throttle Body Color / FinishAluminum
Distributor IncludedNo
Throttle Bore Quantity4
IAC Motor IncludedYes
Intake Plenum IncludedNo
TPS IncludedYes
Intake Manifold Color / FinishAluminum raw
Fuel Pump IncludedNo
Throttle Body IncludedYes
EGR Valve IncludedNo EGR Required
Fuel Pressure Regulator IncludedNo
MAF Sensor IncludedNo MAF Sensor Required
ECM IncludedYes
Oxygen Sensor IncludedYes
Fuel Injectors IncludedYes
Fuel Rail IncludedYes
Throttle Body MaterialAluminum
MAP Sensor IncludedYes


The Atomic system is based on an easy-to-install throttle body design that will provide modern drive ability benefits to street rods and muscle cars – anything with a carburetor. Note the sanitary and traditional look of the unit. It’s meant to replace a standard square bore carburetor and can be installed by the average car guy and a friend in a home garage with simple tools within a weekend. In fact, with a little preparation, you should be able to start Saturday morning and make the cruise that night! We wanted to make EFI easy which means less wiring, self learning technology and a return less fuel system. This means you can incorporate the factory fuel line in most applications and you don’t have to modify the tank or sending unit with a second line. Plus, the system is self learning and measures pressure and temperature so that once it is installed it’s done. No lap top is needed for programming as everything is done through a simple hand-held monitor. As for the wiring, it’s almost too simple with only 8 wires you will need to connect. Another cool feature is that the Atomic gives you the ability to control the ignition timing! MSD is an ignition company after all, so it makes sense that we deliver the tools for you to control fuel delivery and timing together in one system!

  • checkmarkThe easiest way to convert to electronic fuel injection
  • checkmarkReturn less fuel system for the easiest installation
  • checkmarkHalf the connections of other tuba systems
  • checkmarkSelf learning eliminates the need for programming
  • checkmarkControl the ignition timing through the Atomic ECU
  • checkmarkControl two cooling fans for consistent engine temperatures