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Maintain Solid Idling With a New Throttle Position Sensor
When your car doesn't idle smoothly or suddenly stalls out, there are a number of different problems that may be to blame. One of these is the failure of your throttle position sensor. This part of your car is located on top of the butterfly shaft and it monitors the air intake of your vehicle's engine. It does this by measuring the throttle valve's opening when it is triggered by the accelerator pedal. The measurement captured by the sensor is used by your car's computer to calculate the amount of fuel that should be fed to your engine. When the throttle position sensor malfunctions, incorrect data or no data at all will be transmitted, which can lead to misfiring or the aforementioned irregular idling and stalling.

Sensor Failure Symptoms
If your car's check engine light is on, and you've experienced some or all of these symptoms, it might be time to replace its throttle position sensor. Choosing the best throttle position sensors for cars and trucks is important, and installing it correctly is vital. To complete a replacement, you must first locate the sensor and then disconnect the negative battery cable. Locate the electrical connector that is attached to the sensor and disconnect it. You should see that the sensor is mounted with small screws that can be unscrewed with the correct tool. Once it has been detached, place the new sensor on the mount and screw it into place. Reconnect the electrical connector and ensure the sensor is secure.

Different Sensor Types
Different kinds of cars require different kinds of throttle position sensors. Some models are standalone sensors while others contain a comprehensive kit to complete the job. There are also two different kinds of sensors: potentiometer and switch. The former relies on a low-voltage signal to your car's ECU that is generated when the throttle is off but the ignition is on. The voltage subsequently increases as the throttle is triggered. The latter, conversely, is always on when the throttle is triggered and generates a continuous electrical current. When the throttle is off, the electrical current is off.

Manageable DIY Replacement
When you are looking for throttle position sensors near me, it is important to find the correct gear and complete the job carefully. As far as auto repairs go, replacing a throttle position sensor is a manageable DIY task, but you need to make sure you've got the correct tools and parts. AutoZone has the lowest prices on throttle position sensors and the best selection of both potentiometer and switch models. Our expert staff offer the advice you need to find the right tools and the guidance necessary to complete the task with confidence. Shop online or in store to find the throttle position sensor that best fits your needs and gets rid of that pesky check engine light.

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