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1-24 of 113 Results


      Hose Clamp

      Secure Automotive Hoses

      Your vehicle uses a wide variety of fluids to lubricate moving parts, keep your car cool, and provide several other important functions. The engine includes several hoses to transport these fluids from place to place as needed. Your car's heating and cooling system, radiator, water pump, brake system, and power system all use these hoses. They undergo a high amount of pressure and deal with a lot of movement and vibration, so a hose clamp is needed to secure the hose to your engine to prevent hoses from rupturing, leaking, or coming off the flange. While automotive hoses, especially radiator hoses, are prone to failure and need to be replaced from time to time, sometimes the issue is simply a loose or worn clamp. If any of your car's hoses are leaking and the hose itself is in good condition, visit AutoZone to find a replacement hose clamp. Either search online or drive down to your local AutoZone store to check out our selection of the best clamps for cars and trucks available.

      Types of Hose Clamps

      When shopping for hose clamps, there are several common types to choose from. We offer the lowest prices on hose clamps, so you can select the best part that fits your budget. The most common type of factory hose clamp found on vehicles is a spring clamp, also known as a constant-tension clamp. They are made from a flexible metal that is installed onto the hose by pulling two tabs toward each other to open the clamp. Once installed, you simply release the tabs and the spring clamp closes. This will allow it to constantly apply pressure to the hose, even as it begins to soften over time. A worm or screw-type clamp is installed by sliding the metal bands onto the hose and then tightening the screw to seal the hose.

      Experts You Can Trust

      When shopping at AutoZone, you'll quickly find that our dedicated experts provide customer service above and beyond your expectations. From the moment you walk into any of our stores, our team of AutoZoners is prepared to assist you in browsing our inventory and finding the absolute best hose clamp for your car at a price you can afford. We're always willing to answer your questions, so never hesitate to ask for advice. You can also shop our selection of clamps online by searching for “hose clamps near me.” With just a few clicks, you can narrow your search to parts designed for your vehicle and easily compare prices at once. Keep shopping for amazing deals on automotive hoses, gaskets, fasteners, O-rings, rivets, studs, and more. Whenever you need to purchase auto parts to get your car or truck back in business, make AutoZone your first and last stop.