2002 Honda Civic Exhaust Flange Gasket

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1-18 of 18 Results



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Factory seals are not always the right seals


in 4 months

This gasket for the muffler was clearly the correct one period the one that came with my catalytic converter and exhaust pipe didn't fit period but we didn't know that till after we got everything put back together, and then it's whistled around the gasket that came with the pipe. We didn't know what to do till a customer service wrapped in AutoZone mentioned that it's most likely not the right gasket and it's not sitting right. I bought the new gasket for a very inexpensive price it looked quite different and I put it in and salt all the problems including the leaking exhaust the whistling noise and the fit.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2002 Honda Civic EX

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2002 Honda Civic SI back to stock


in a year

I just bought a 2002 Honda Civic SI. And it was owned by a guy that lived in a county that doesn't do smog checks. So of course it had a full DC Sports race header with no catalytic converter. But living in a normal county where smog is an annual process, I had to peice together a semi normal exhaust to pass smog. This gasket fit perfect on an aftermarket header to a stock catalytic converter. It seemed over size at first. There was not a super tight fit. But after driving for a few months, I can say it seals fine. And it is a flex joint. So some play is ok. And after inspection, before install, it can fit the stock 2.2" header flange or 2.5" larger flange & still seal well. It worked out great.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2002 Honda Civic SI 2.0 K20A3