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Equus 2in Air and Fuel Ratio Gauge

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The 8000 superior perfomance white gauge and tachometer series is designed and tested by skilled technicians to enrure superior accuracy. Our electric gauges and tachometer feature OE specked Electric Aircore meter movement and our mechanical gauges feature solid brass bourdon tube movement for increased performance and accuracy. As the performance aftermarket continues to pick up speed, so has the demand for instruments that can be cost effectively installed and look great and perform even better. The Equus Performance™ line boast lightweight construction, durability, accuracy, wide coverage and ease of installation - all at an affordable price.
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    Color LEDs provide a quick visual display of air/fuel ratio
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    Connects to oxygen sensor and determine whether the engine is running rich or lean for maximum performance efficiency
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    Bright Back-Lit™ display enhances night viewing in one of 4 colors
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    Dual display offers independent or dual left/right bank vs. inline readings
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    Video Available: http://youtu.be/v3yOUGiTY80