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Gloveworks Black Nitrile Medium Powder Free Industrial Gloves 100 Piece

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Part # GPNB44100
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Part #GPNB44100
SKU #1214061
Gloveworks Black Nitrile is a premium industrial grade glove that is 50% thicker than standard nitrile gloves with three times the puncture resistance versus latex or vinyl gloves. As a result, these black nitrile gloves are durable and last longer, so fewer glove changes are required. Gloveworks Black Nitrile gloves feature superior chemical resistance against common chemicals, like carburetor cleaner, and many other specialty chemicals, such as iodine and butane, that you may encounter on the job. The glove holds up to brake fluid and after being dipped in gasoline, stays true to form.
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    Gloveworks black, nitrle gloves have a micro-roughened surface with textured fingertips
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    Gripping power even when wet