Cell Phone Grips

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    1-24 of 118 Results

    About Cell Phone Grips

    Keep Communications Safe While Driving

    You've heard warnings about the dangers of texting and driving, or even talking on the phone while you drive, too. Nobody wants to put themselves at risk, but sometimes you need to remain available to people trying to reach you. Communication isn't the only thing you use your phone for, though. Nowadays, phones are used for GPS almost as often as they are for communication, so you may need access to your phone in order to know where you're going. How do you safely keep your phone at hand without being distracted from the road? The best cell phone car mounts and holders for cars and trucks offer an easy solution.

    Hands-free Access

    Cell phone car mounts are designed to make your phone visible and easily accessible without taking your hands away from the wheel. Most can be attached to your car's windshield and adjusted so that the placement does not interfere with your view of the road. Some mounts feature a magnetic attachment while others have a cradle for you to place your phone in. The kind of mount that you select depends on what kind of attachment you prefer as well as what kind of phone you have. Some mounts are adjustable so that they can accommodate a range of different phones while others are specially designed only for certain makes and models.

    Minimize Distractions

    A good car phone mount offers a range of benefits to drivers. The most obvious, of course, is its benefit to a driver's safety. Without a car mount, you have to hold your phone, which means that at least one of your hands will be occupied. Using only one hand on the steering wheel is dramatically less safe than using both. With your phone in a designated spot, too, you never have to worry about missing your exit because you didn't look at the GPS in time. With your phone secured to a mount, you have everything you need right in front of you, and you are less distracted and more safe because of it.

    Get the Right Part for Your Needs

    There are a range of cell phone car mounts and holders near me to choose from, and they can all make your drive safer by ensuring the potential for distraction is minimized. Whether you're answering an important business call or navigating a road trip via GPS, keeping your phone secure, accessible, and visible can be accomplished safely. Look for the lowest prices on cell phone car mounts and holders at AutoZone. We have a comprehensive selection of cell phone mounts, and our staff can help you find the one that's best for your cell phone and your family's needs. Trust us for all of your auto accessories and DIY supplies the next time you're seeking help for a car issue—big or small.