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1-24 of 52 Results


      Grease Gun

      Complete Your Automotive Toolkit With a Grease Gun

      No automotive tool kit is complete without a grease gun. Grease guns are used to apply targeted lubrication to fittings. You can find grease guns near me for store pickup or order most models in our inventory with speedy shipping.

      Several grease gun designs are available. Hand-powered grease guns operate either by cranking or applying pressure on the butt of the gun. You may also be interested in easy-to-use air-powered or electric grease guns.

      Get Value Every Time

      AutoZone carries the best grease guns for cars and trucks made by DeWalt, Lumax, Lincoln and SureBilt. The price of a grease gun typically depends on the delivery mechanism, power source and any other components included in a kit. Some kits come with disposable batteries, a charger for a reusable lithium ion battery or aperture extensions.

      Choose the Best Grease Gun for Your Budget

      Budget-oriented grease guns may offer multiple loading options such as bulk fill and compatibility with standard cartridges. You can choose from manual pistol grip or lever-action mechanisms. You may want to factor in ergonomic design and whether a grease gun model is capable of being used for single-handed applications. We also carry mini grease guns for use on the go or in hard-to-reach applications.

      The size of a grease gun and the materials used in the design tend to correspond to the price point. Manual models with zinc-plated or powder-coated barrels tend to be less expensive than premium models with fully-plated chrome finish. Heavy-duty grease guns may feature cast alloy heads and reinforced walls.

      At the top of the line, you can choose from cordless grease guns with rechargeable lithium ion batteries, powerful motors and high-volume pumps. Some of the most expensive grease guns also have features such as multiple delivery speeds, debris filters to keep the pump mechanism from becoming clogged and lights to make even the most challenging applications more accurate.

      How To Select the Best Grease Gun

      Before purchasing a grease gun, you should confirm the operation and loading methods, action of the pump mechanism and power source. An increasing number of grease guns allow for cordless operation. A corded or cordless design may impact your ability to use a grease gun for a wide variety of applications.

      All of these factors may determine whether a particular model is the right choice for your needs. You can maintain any grease gun by wiping fittings before use with a lint-free cloth. Try to use the same type of grease for each fitting and apply nozzle caps between uses to prevent contamination.

      Save on All Your Parts Needs at AutoZone

      AutoZone offers the lowest prices on grease guns ranging from basic models to the top of the line. Most standard grease guns come with a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year. More expensive electric models may have limited warranties up to three years. Check the warranty information for any grease gun you select.