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1-7 of 7 Results


      Brake Lube

      Smooth Braking Every Time

      A major element of keeping your vehicle's brakes in great condition is knowing how and when to use brake lubricant, also known as brake lube. Brake maintenance is one of those things you don't want to cut corners on when it comes to car or truck maintenance. Poorly maintained brakes can be a massive safety hazard to yourself and other drivers on the road. Taking a little time to research the best brake lube for cars and trucks could make the difference between a safe drive and a scary drive.

      Keep Brakes Working as Intended

      Friction, or the state of resistance that occurs when two objects move against each other, is the way that a car or truck's braking mechanisms cause the vehicle to stop. Brakes are made up of several parts, depending on the vehicle, with some prioritized towards applying friction and others moving to enable friction to occur. It is these moving parts which need lubrication to function correctly, because otherwise the braking friction could not occur, and the vehicle would not stop when required. Therefore, proper brake maintenance and lubrication is essential to make sure your brakes work as they are intended.

      Quiet Braking

      In addition to helping the vehicle stop, brake lube also minimizes squealing noises from the brakes. Sometimes these types of high-pitched noises will occur as the car or truck vibrates, or when the brake mechanisms move against each other. Brake lube helps everything slide together a little better. Lubrication also helps brakes stay in working condition for a longer time, which can save you money in the long run because you will have to replace expensive brakes less often. We at AutoZone can recommend the lowest prices on brake lube to ease your budget, too.

      Get What You Need Right Away From Your Local AutoZone

      If you have ever wondered, “Is there brake lube near me?”, then don't worry. There are thousands of AutoZone locations across the nation, so it is highly likely that there is a store near you. If you haven't lubricated your brakes in a while or your brakes are making a funny noise, drive over the vehicle in question and our knowledgeable employees can help recommend the brake lube that will suit your needs. We have options from ceramic-based lube to silicone-based lube, for whatever your vehicle requires.

      Everything You Need for Vehicle Repairs or Maintenance

      Lubricating your brakes regularly is a key point of vehicle care. Regardless of whether your brakes are a little noisy or you have no idea when they were last lubricated, it is important to start a regular brake health schedule. Do a little research on your car or truck and its needs, then stop by your local AutoZone for brake lube and the answers to any of your questions. We are happy to help you find the best brake lube at great prices, to improve your safety as well as your budget.