STP 75W-90 Conventional Gear Oil 1 Quart
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STP 75W-90 Conventional Gear Oil 1 Quart

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The STP 75W-90 Gear Oil is manufactured from high quality base oils and additives to provide excellent load carrying ability, extreme pressure properties, wear resistance, oxidation stability and protection against rust and corrosion. It is recommended for complete top/off or refill of all non-limited slip passenger car and light truck conventional differentials requiring a SAE 75W-90 GL-5 gear oil; in limited slip applications for top-off only. STP 75W-90 Gear Oil contains sulfur and phosphorous extreme pressure additive metals and is recommended for use where GL-5 oil is required.

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    May be used in limited slip differentials to top-off only
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    Foam inhibitors to minimize friction
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    Complete protection to hypoid differentials, manual transmissions
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    Compatible with conventional gear lubricants
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    Always consult the owner’s manual for instructions and proper application requirements.