Universal Engine Cooling Fan

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1-24 of 27 Results

    1-24 of 27 Results

    About Universal Engine Cooling Fan

    A Safe Engine Is a Cool One

    Overheating is a major concern when it comes to engine health, and has the potential to bring even the beefiest truck or car to a slow, painful halt if preventive measures aren't taken. Fortunately, tools such as the electric engine cooling fan exist and allow you to keep the heat under the hood at a minimum while you go about your busy schedule. These parts work alongside your engine to maintain safe, cool conditions under the hood so that you don't need to worry about overheating during even the hottest months. At AutoZone, we have both the best products and the lowest prices on electric engine cooling fans so you can protect your engine efficiently without blowing your life savings in the process.

    Balanced Temperature

    The main purpose of this accessory is, of course, to get a handle on engine temperature. Beefy engine builds can produce a huge amount of power, but unfortunately that also means the creation of a great deal of heat, which can begin to melt crucial components nearby. That's why keeping temperatures low is in your best interest. Electric cooling fans can often be set to turn on once a specified temperature is reached under the hood so they can begin to push hot air out, allowing the engine to cool down and continue working in healthier conditions.

    Choosing the Right Part

    When you search for “electric engine cooling fans near me” you'll find two main varieties of fans: automotive mounted electric fans and engine mounted fans. The automotive-mounted fan type is ideal for cars and trucks that might contend with traffic fairly often. That's because these monitor the engine's coolant temperature, and switch on when said coolant reaches a specified heat. Engine mounted fans don't always work in traffic as well because their operation is tied to the RPM of the vehicle they're mounted on. When sitting still, then, the fan will not operate nearly as well as automotive fans simply because RPM is low. However, if traffic is of little concern, then engine-mounted options are excellent because they allow you to cool your engine at the same rate at which it's heating, with more power diverted to the fan the higher your RPM is.

    Count on the Experts

    For those who have never purchased an accessory of this type, making the decision between engine-mounted options and automotive mounts can be tough. That's why our expert employees are here to share a few tips in choosing which is right for your driving style, so you can make the right decision and get the most out of your new purchase. Simply head in to your local AutoZone store and speak with one of the knowledgeable staff member there to learn more about the best electric engine cooling fans for cars and trucks that we have in stock and give your engine the gift of fresh air.