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Alternator Capacitor

Capacitor or Condenser Functions
The capacitor or condenser in an alternator helps to prevent the electrical field produced by these power generation systems from interfering with radio reception by providing electro mechanical interference shielding. In the past, this part was commonly called a condenser, and is now typically referred to as a capacitor. This component combines an insulator and two conductors and has no moving parts. AutoZone makes it easy to find the best alternator capacitors for cars and trucks.

Replacement Alternator Parts
Whether you need to replace a capacitor or another alternator component such as bearings, brushes, bushings or diodes, you can find everything you need by browsing or searching our online store. If your alternator is causing interference with radio signals, it may be time to seek out a replacement capacitor. It is also possible that a faulty voltage regulator or a diode that has shorted out may cause a capacitor to malfunction. In this case, it may be necessary to replace more than one alternator component.

Before you order a replacement alternator or parts, it is a good idea to perform a thorough diagnostic to determine which components are causing problems or have been affected by shorts or other systematic issues. If it is difficult to pin down the cause of the problems with this part, you may want to replace the alternator. It is rare for a capacitor to cause more extensive problems unless this component has ceased to shield electro mechanical interference due to other alternator issues.

Vehicle Specific Components
Most alternator components are vehicle specific parts. You can find the right parts for your car or truck by entering the year, make and model of your vehicle into our part finding tool. This can filter the parts you see when browsing or searching the site. We also make it easy to find out if parts that fit your vehicle are in stock at AutoZone store locations in your area. Search for alternator capacitors near me to find out whether you should consider ordering these parts for delivery or in store pickup.

When it comes to finding rare parts, you may want to consult with a customer service agent online or in store to discuss ordering options. Alternator capacitors or condensers may be more of a challenge to track down and purchase than other moving components that tend to break down in these systems such as bearings, brushes and diodes.

The Best Parts and Deals
You can trust that the parts you buy at AutoZone are of the highest quality and are made by major automotive parts manufacturers. We have the lowest prices on alternator capacitors and other components necessary to maintain your vehicle. Find parts from brands such as ACDelco, Duralast, Dorman and National.