Ballast Resistor

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    1-9 of 9 Results

    About Ballast Resistor

    Reduce Wear

    The best ballast resistors for cars and trucks lessen ignition component wear once the engine starts. The resistor sits within the ignition circuit wiring. The ballast resistor keeps the engine running by preventing the engine from receiving full amperage from the ignition once started. In order to get the vehicle started, the starter sends a higher amperage to the spark plugs when you turn the key in the ignition. The spark plugs need the initial jolt to fire up. Once running, the engine cannot continue running with that higher amperage making the ballast resistor necessary to mitigate some of the amperage. The resistor helps prolong the lifespan of the ignition components. Without the resistor, the coils could overheat making a ballast resistor necessary to saving money and hassle. Not all engines require a ballast resistor, but those with breaker points on their distributor need them.

    Ignition Function

    Achieve optimal ignition function by finding ballast resistors near me as soon as you notice the ballast resistor failing. If your engine dies as soon as you stop turning the key in the ignition to start it, the ballast resistor could have failed. You can use an ohmmeter to test the voltage of the ballast resistor after removing the wires from where they attach to the ignition. If the ohmmeter doesn't show any resistance, it's likely that the ignition ballast resistor is bad. Replacing the part is relatively simple and keeps your vehicle running. Not replacing the simple yet crucial part could leave you stopped and unable to leave from your parking spot. Another perk of the ballast resistor is how it works with the system to compensate for temperature changes. With variable temperatures throughout the day and seasons, this handy feature helps extend the life of your engine components.

    Affordable Parts

    Visit your local AutoZone store for the lowest prices on ballast resistors. The small component is simple to replace and very affordable. It is much cheaper to replace a ballast resistor than engine coils that have overheated due to bypassing a failing resistor. Not to mention coils are much more difficult to replace even with experience. Save yourself the time and hassle by stopping at your local AutoZone for the right ballast resistor for your ignition unit. Our experience with cars allows us to assist you in answering questions and finding the right tools and parts for your vehicle. Not all ballast resistors look the same, ask an associate to find the right one for your ignition system. The wrong one doesn't offer the performance enhancing benefits of using the resistor. Most of the resistors come with a two year warranty on the part. Get our everyday low prices on all your ignition and starter system parts. We want you to have a safe, reliable vehicle with quality parts that don't break your budget.