Coolant Reservoir Cap / Radiator Cap

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Coolant Reservoir Cap / Radiator Cap

Small Malfunction Can Cause Big Problems
A vehicle's engine puts off a lot of heat whether it's idling or being pushed full throttle. Thanks to the radiator, people can count on that heat being controlled to keep vehicles running smoothly. The seemingly simple cap on it plays an important role in the radiator's performance. If an issue arises, count on AutoZone to have the lowest prices on radiator caps.

Perfect Temperature

Keeping the engine cool happens because the radiator keeps the coolant cool. Vehicles are designed to pump coolant to the engine, which absorbs the heat and carries it to the radiator. As a heat exchanger, the radiator, no matter which style, cools down the coolant and expels the heat to the outside air. Regardless of the temperature outside, the radiator regulates the engine's temperature. It keeps it from running too hot in warm weather and ensures it doesn't freeze or seize up on frigid days. With all the amazing things the radiator does, none of it matters if it doesn't have a properly secured cap. Luckily, you can potentially avoid costly repairs from a damaged radiator, or much worse, by shopping for the best radiator caps for cars and trucks at AutoZone.

Avoid Extensive Damage

Often overlooked as a culprit for car troubles, the cap acts as a seal and provides a barrier from outside elements, as well as ensures pressure control within the cooling system. Not having a proper seal compromises the system's ability to pressurize. This is especially important considering that when the engine warms up, the coolant expands. The cap is designed to allow for pressure to build to a certain level and ensures the pressure is released. Without a properly functioning cap, there could be devastating consequences to the engine, such as loss of power, piston damage, a blown head gasket or cracked radiator.

Signs It's Time to Inspect

During general maintenance, it is important to inspect the cap. Unfortunately, things happen between inspections. There are signs to look for that may indicate the radiator cap is losing its integrity. While overheating signals an obvious issue that needs to be looked at, another easy indicator is leaking. If a puddle of coolant is left behind, it could indicate that cap is improperly releasing pressure or the reservoir is overflowing. Another potential indicator is a collapsed radiator hose, which could be the result of the coolant not flowing properly.

Quality You Can Count On

If you determine that the cap isn't sealing properly, a quality fix is easy. The replacement needed will depend on the make, brand and style of your vehicle. Regardless of which one you need, you can trust that AutoZone parts are 100% tested to ensure proper pressure and longevity and meet OEM specifications. Caps are available in durable plastic or rustproof steel. If searching for “radiator caps near me,” rely on AutoZone to keep you protected.