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1-23 of 23 Results


      MSD Distributor Cap

      The distributor cap and rotor work together in a vehicle's ignition system to deliver thousands of volts to the spark plugs where the electricity ignites the fuel and air mixture and generates impressive power through combustion. This is how a an older internal combustion engine works, and the whole system relies on the distributor cap and rotor to hold up over time. Unfortunately, these parts wear over time, and it's recommended to upgrade them to more durable options, such as an MSD distributor cap when you get a replacement. By working with the experts at AutoZone you can locate the right distributor cap for your vehicle.

      Is A MSD Distributor Cap Necessary?

      Before spending the money on an upgraded distributor cap from MSD, you might wonder if you can use lower-cost alternatives. When you're shopping AutoZone tune up parts, MSD is one of the most trusted brands available. It isn't just about spending more for a high-end cap, but that you can depend on the quality to last longer and more reliably.

      Why Choose A MSD Distributor Cap

      By investing in the best distributors you can prolong the lifespan of your ignition system while achieving more efficient combustion at the same time. The distributor cap you add to your vehicle will wear with time, and when it does the rotor will rapidly wear out and your vehicle will stop running properly. By adding an MSD distributor cap, that uses premium materials such as Rynite and copper, you'll enjoy a longer lifespan and more efficient combustion.

      If you're interested in purchasing a distributor cap for your vehicle, you can locate vehicle-specific options using AutoZone. Sort parts based on year, make, model, and engine size and get access to Same-Day In-Store Pickup on many common aftermarket repair and maintenance items. You can also claim Free Next-Day Delivery on select items and get the replacement parts you need without leaving home.