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ACCEL Performance Distributor Cap/Rotor Kit 8139

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Part # 8139
SKU # 1204536
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High performance ignition systems place severe demands on distributor caps and rotors. Extremely high voltage, high RPM, and high underhood temperatures can take their toll. Heavy spring tension, required to prevent points float, can wear away the rubbing block and deform its arms and brackets. High current generated by racing coils can arc across the contacts as they open. Condensers can become very hot. Its an extremely demanding environment.For over 35 years, ACCEL has been manufacturing distributor caps,rotors, points, and condensers for a multitude of racing and street performance applications. With this experience, ACCEL engineers have continuously improved the materials and manufacturing,keeping us ahead of the competition.ACCEL Tune-Up Parts for racing and street performance distributors are un-equalled in precision, quality, reliability, and durability.
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    Features Protection From Arc Thru And Crossfire
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    Features 60K V Rated Alkyd Compound
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    Brass Terminals Inserts And Steel Rotor Springs
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    High Spark Energy Flow