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Dayco Hose A71692
  • Part # A71692
Notes: Curved radiator hose.
Dayco Hose B87306
  • Part # B87306
Notes: Upper, Small inner diameter heater hose
Dayco Hose C71221
  • Part # C71221
Notes: Curved radiator hose.


Hose (Bypass)

The coolant bypass pipe or hose directs coolant flow through the engine based on different conditions of the engine, like a traffic guard who directs traffic into an optimal flow. In the engine, this flow is directed by the thermostat, which closes when cooled. The closed thermostat redirects coolant flow to the bypass pipe where the coolant will flow back to the water pump and the engine block and cylinder heads instead of returning to the radiator, allowing the engine to reach operating temperature and the heater to warm up the interior more quickly.

Your vehicle’s cooling system has a lot of components. Engine coolant flow is provided by the water pump while engine temperature is regulated by the thermostat, fan clutch or electronic fan control, and the radiator. Coolant bypass pipes connect these parts, so they can work as a single system and the engine and heater can work properly. Bypass pipes can be made of metal, plastic, rubber, or any combination of the three. We supply these pipes for all vehicles. AutoZone is your one stop shop for everything you need to keep your vehicle’s cooling system ready for year-round driving conditions.

Help your engine keep cool with regular maintenance to your vehicle’s cooling system. We have direct replacement aftermarket coolant bypass pipes that are easy-to-install for all major makes and models, and we make finding the right part easy. Just enter your vehicle’s information above and we’ll find the parts you need to do the job right.

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