BMW Ignition Coil

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1-24 of 66 Results

    1-24 of 66 Results

    About BMW Ignition Coil

    Is your Bimmer exhibiting a noticeable drop in performance, struggling to accelerate, and consuming more fuel than usual? If you have a Check Engine Light on along with those symptoms and the spark plugs are still good, it's time to look into your BMW's ignition coils. Poor spark could pose a potential risk to your engine's health, both immediately and in the long term. Fortunately, AutoZone is your reliable source for the right ignition coils to fit your car from brands like Duralast, ensuring you won't be suffering with bad coil pack symptoms for long.

    Diagnosing symptoms of a malfunctioning coil pack can be approached using various techniques, such as a spark plug tester tool or a resistance test. If the results point to a faulty coil, replacing all ignition coil packs in your BMW is probably best, as others might be on the verge of failure. Choosing the compatible option with the correct resistance and voltage is crucial no matter which model you own, and they aren't often cross-compatible. We make it easy, though, as we have parts specifically designed for your model.

    Shop at AutoZone to get everything you need to take care of your car's repairs and maintenance. With convenient options like Free Same Day Pickup for your BMW's ignition coil replacements, you'll be back on the road fast.