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Get an exact fit for your Chevrolet Astro

1-22 of 22 Results

1-22 of 22 Results


      Chevrolet Astro Ignition Coil

      There are many different parts of your vehicle that actually enable your engine to work properly. If even one of these parts is faulty, then your engine is useless. One such part is the Chevy Astro ignition coil. This ensures the current gets from the battery to the spark plugs, so if you need a durable replacement, shop at your local AutoZone.

      Made of a series of coiled wires, ignition coils for Chevy Astro play an important role in the operation of your vehicle. They enable the voltage from the battery to be converted so it's usable by the spark plugs. Since it handles a high voltage on a regular basis, an ignition coil breaks down over time and needs replaced. When you need an Astro coil pack, head to AutoZone, where we are always providing the right products at the right prices.