Dodge Ram 2500 Ignition Coil

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1-24 of 48 Results

    1-24 of 48 Results

    About Dodge Ram 2500 Ignition Coil

    Refined and capable, your Dodge Ram 2500 offers comfort and excellent hauling and towing capacity. If you have difficulty starting your ride or it's stalling, the ignition coil may be failing. Stop by AutoZone for an outstanding, robust Dodge Ram 2500 ignition coil that offers performance and reliability.

    Ignition coils take 12V current in the battery and transform it into 20,000V current needed for the spark plugs to fire the fuel and air mixture in the engine so that the car starts and runs smoothly. Battery current builds up in the primary coil and creates a magnetic field. When the field is full, the stored energy is sent to the secondary coil and then to the spark plugs. Purchase your ignition coils for Dodge Ram 2500 online from AutoZone and choose Same Day Store Pickup to get it fast at your local store.