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1-24 of 26 Results


      GMC Sonoma Ignition Coil

      A car that stalls may have a variety of things wrong with it, but if you also have sensed a loss of power, you're likely facing issues with your GMC Sonoma ignition coil. This is a problem that you should get fixed as soon as possible to keep your car running right, so shop for durable replacements at your local AutoZone.

      The ignition coils for GMC Sonoma convert the voltage and amps coming from the battery to the correct voltage and amps needed by the spark plugs. When the coils wear out, you may notice stalling, a loss of power and backfiring. You may even have trouble starting your vehicle. If you notice any of these things, come to AutoZone for a new Sonoma coil pack. We offer trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff and we always provide the right products at the right prices to maximize your savings.