Nissan/Datsun Pathfinder Ignition Coil

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1-24 of 45 Results

    1-24 of 45 Results

    About Nissan/Datsun Pathfinder Ignition Coil

    With its great fuel economy and seven-passenger seating, your Nissan Pathfinder is great for family trips and the carpool lane. Don't get stuck in your driveway because your SUV won't start. Instead, let AutoZone get you back on the road again with a new Nissan Pathfinder ignition coil.

    The ignition coils for Nissan Pathfinder are constantly being subjected to high voltage causing them to wear which, in turn, causes connections to break down. This means they're no longer able to convert battery current into the current needed to fire the spark plugs, which is what ignites your engine. AutoZone knows that when your vehicle experiences unusual engine noise, stalling, trouble starting, power loss and backfiring, it's time to replace old coils.