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Required Connector Ignition Coil 1409
  • Part # 1409
  • SKU # 383876
  • Warranty: 
Notes: May require replacement Ignition Coil Connector, Pigtail part number 1409
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Duralast Multi Pack Ignition Coil 6 Pack C1791-6
  • Part # C1791-6
  • SKU # 846
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Quantity per car: 1, This pack contains 6 Ignition Coils. Kit


Ignition Coil

Enhance Battery Voltage With a New Ignition Coil
An ignition coil transforms low battery voltage into thousands of volts to activate spark plugs and ignite fuel through induction. AutoZone carries the best ignition coils for cars and trucks in addition to other ignition system components. Order a single ignition coil or multi packs made by leading brands with four, six or eight coils.

Different Ignition Systems
In older vehicles, high voltage wires may run from a mechanical distributor to spark plugs. Newer ignition systems tend to use an individual coil-on-plug or coil pack, which assigns one coil to each engine cylinder or pair of cylinders. Engine issues may be caused by failed coils or spark plug cables.

Ignition Coil Problems
Ignition coils may be the cause of problems, or problems may be caused by failing spark plug wires. Coils that must generate higher voltage will wear out faster than coils connected to wires with normal resistance. Excessive moisture can also cause coils to fail.

Faulty Ignition Coil
A faulty ignition coil can also lead to a number of engine problems, resulting in an illuminated Check Engine light or a vehicle that will not start. It may also be necessary to replace coils if an engine misfires or has weakened acceleration, a rough idle or reduced gas mileage. AutoZone has the lowest prices on ignition coils and carries a variety of designs from leading parts brands.

Ignition System Designs
Before replacing ignition coils, you should determine whether your vehicle relies on a coil-on-plug or coil pack ignition system. The coil in vehicles that rely on a mechanical distributor is usually connected by a wire to the distributor cap. Coil-on-plug designs are typically situated over or close to spark plugs, while coil packs are typically mounted near valve covers.

Ignition Coil Removal
You may need to remove plastic covers or air intake tubing to access ignition coils. Remove the negative battery cable before disconnecting wiring harnesses and pulling off electrical connectors. Remove any retaining bolts or open a locking tab to take out a coil or pack.

New Coil Installation
Be sure to apply dielectric grease to the boot of a coil-on-plug design. This can help to stop the boot from sticking to a spark plug and prevent excess moisture from causing a coil to fail prematurely. Slide the coil into place until the boot clicks onto the spark plug. Reattach the electrical connection and tighten any retaining bolts or close locking tabs. Reconnect the negative battery cable only after all of the coils have been replaced.

Spark Plug Replacement
Depending on the ignition system in your vehicle, you may need to replace more than one ignition coil by following these steps. This process can also be an ideal time to switch out spark plugs. Find ignition coils near me and all of the other parts or tools you need with the in-store pickup and fast shipping options available at AutoZone.