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1-6 of 6 Results


      Spark Plug Non-Fouler

      Keep the Spark Alive

      The best spark plug non-foulers for cars and trucks prevents the spark plugs from fouling. The purpose of the non-fouler is to act like a sleeve for the spark plug and keep out oil. Gas vapor flows through a small hole in the spark plug non-fouler to ignite and move the engine. Burning oil can cause spark plug fouling. Older vehicles with several hundred thousand miles may have more problems burning or leaking oil than newer vehicles with less miles. The non-foulers can keep your engine running until you can afford more extensive measures. The simple fix can help with your daily commute and errands but do be aware that you'll want to drive carefully until the actual issue is resolved. The non-foulers help you keep your engine running until you can put in a new engine or afford a new vehicle.

      A Temporary Fix

      AutoZone pops up in a search for spark plug non-foulers near me because of their local stores and competitive prices. If you have oil splashing on the spark plugs or entering the combustion chamber, spark plug non-foulers may be an option to prevent continual spark plug replacement. The non-foulers protect the spark plug and screw into the engine block. The simple fix can be an alternative to more extensive measures for a certain period of time. Eventually, you need to look into what is causing the fouling of the spark plugs and address the root cause. Most likely, it may require engine replacement or rebuild. Both are expensive and time-consuming making spark plug non-foulers popular as a temporary fix to the issue.

      Expertise You Can Trust

      Finding the lowest prices on spark plug non-foulers is as easy as popping into your local AutoZone. A quick search and we can find the right parts for your make and model. Questions about how the product works? We can answer those too. Our experienced staff are car people and love our vehicles as much as you love yours. We help you find the right solution and part for your particular problem. Borrow a tool, have your battery replaced or have us use a diagnostic tool on your vehicle to help you out. Have a big project you need to work on? Ask about our loyalty rewards program to save even more money. Speak to a team member about the best non-foulers for your vehicle. With different brands and prices, one may work better for your engine than another. If you're burning or leaking oil, be sure to keep a quart or two stocked in your car along with shop towels and a funnel. That way, you can easily refill the oil reservoir when you get low or at your next fill up. It's a good idea to use new spark plugs when installing the non-foulers for an extended life.