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Lexus LS430 Spark Plug

Your LS430 is the flagship sedan of Lexus, and it provides you with all the luxury that's associated with the brand. Just like any other car, it needs regular maintenance, and spark plugs for Lexus LS430 are an essential part of that. Rely on AutoZone the next time you're in the market for durable spark plug replacements.

LS 430 performance spark plugs ensure that your car's engine runs efficiently. They're designed to prevent deposits from fuel additives from building up on them, and they endure the extreme temperatures and pressure in the cylinder. The spark occurs only at the tip of the electrode, thanks to a ceramic insert, and after the voltage jumps the gap, it's conducted to the engine block, where it's grounded. When you shop for a Lexus LS430 spark plug set at AutoZone, you enjoy extra benefits such as our free engine diagnostic testing and battery testing when you visit your local store.