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1-24 of 628 Results


      Timing Belt Component Kit

      Starting your vehicle without a firmly secured timing belt is dangerous. A timing belt component kit fastens your strap when it loses grip to your traction. AutoZone's premium timing belt product kits ensure long-lasting dependability and performance in your high-temperature engine compartments with strap-driven motors.

      Aligning your timing belt properly averts catastrophic engine failure and excessive wear. Timing belt components usually include an idler pulley, water pump, timing belt and tensioner.

      If your belt suffers from cracking or abrasions, you should replace it immediately. The latter is typically caused by a tensioner or pulley misalignment, bearing failure or extreme heat. Glazing is also a common symptom of a malfunctioning belt. This occurs when your belt has a shiny or sleek appearance on the underside, which shows that your strap isn't providing the flexibility needed and has gone stiff. Other signs of a faulty belt include elongation and piling, which readily occur as your belt ages. Misalignment is another tell-tale symptom of a malfunctioning belt, which indicates that the tensioner's internal components might have failed. Keep your straps tightly fastened with AutoZone's timing belt component kits.