2013 Ford Escape Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers allow you to see where you're going by cleaning the windshield. The small rubber blade on the end of the wipers is flexible, making it able to adapt to the shape of the windscreen and remove dirt and rain without leaving streaks. As wipers get worn, they'll begin to leave streaks and even miss certain spots. That should be your indication that you need to change them. You can find excellent 2013 Ford Escape wiper blades at AutoZone from brands you trust such as Duralast.

Although there are several different types of wipers depending on the connection adapter they use, they're generally universal as long as your vehicle uses the same adapter as your chosen wipers. What's not universal though, is the length of the wipers themselves. It's important to note that choosing wipers that are too long or too short can impede visibility, can cause the wipers to collide with each other, or just outright hit the edges of the windshield. The 2013 Ford Escape wiper blade size is 28 inches for both the driver and passenger side.

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    1-20 of 20 Results