2012 Ford Focus Windshield Wipers

It's the responsibility of your 2012 Ford Focus wiper blades to wipe away precipitation and debris that can block your view of the road. If you're having difficulty clearing away rain, snow, and other bits that land on your windshield, your wipers might need attention. Luckily, it usually requires a low-cost and easy repair such as a new pair of windshield wiper blades, available from AutoZone.

Drivers often wonder, "Why did my windshield wipers stop working?” If they aren't moving at all, it could be a faulty wiper motor or a burnt fuse. More commonly, it's simply that the wiper blades aren't clearing the windshield well. Signs it's time for your Focus windshield wiper replacement include consistent streaks or uncleared sections, chattering wipers, and visibly torn rubber blade edges. Even if they look to be good, you should change wiper blades once per year.
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1-19 of 19 Results

    1-19 of 19 Results

    About 2012 Ford Focus Windshield Wipers

    2012 Ford Focus Windshield Wiper Sizes

    Using the wrong wiper blade size for 2012 Ford Focus models will either leave swaths of the windshield still blocked or the wipers could hit each other or areas around the windshield. Select the correct wiper blades by measuring their length accurately or matching them up in-store, or use the filter above to narrow down the options to your vehicle's build. The 2012 Focus commonly requires a 28-inch blade for bot the driver and passenger side.

    How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

    Installing new wiper blades can be done in minutes whether you're experienced or not, and it doesn't require any tools. Secure the wiper blade away from the glass, then press the release tab at the wiper arm to remove the old blade. Slide the new wiper onto the arm using the correct clip, locking it in with a firm tug.

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