2017 Ford Focus Windshield Wipers

Is it getting harder to see through your windshield, even when the wipers are on? Or have you noticed a subtle thumping sound as your wiper blades skip across the windshield? If you're noticing these problems, it's time to replace your wiper blades. It's important to replace them at the first signs of trouble to avoid damage to your windshield or wiper arms. Plus, driving with bad wiper blades can impair your vision on the road. The good news is that AutoZone carries many 2017 Ford Focus wiper blades.

The lifespan of wiper blades depends on the conditions you drive in. If you don't have to deal with cold winter months, expect about 12 months of your wiper blades. On the other hand, if you drive in cold weather your wiper blades won't last as long, and it's important to replace them after the winter season. If you always drive in cold conditions, it's a good idea to try silicone windshield wipers because they hold up better in cold conditions. The 2017 Ford Focus wiper blade sizes you need are 28 inches for the front windshield and 12 inches for the rear windshield.

If you need new wiper blades for your 2017 Ford Focus, look no further than AutoZone. Order online today and pick up your new wipers, batteries, starters, or any other automotive parts with Same Day Pickup.
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    1-19 of 19 Results