2016 Ford Fusion Windshield Wipers

On a 2016 Ford Fusion, wiper blades are intended for safe driving. They clear precipitation, bugs, bird droppings, and dirt from the glass so you can maintain visibility in traffic. If you're having a hard time seeing the way, it's possible that your windshield wipers are no longer in good condition. Fortunately, it's an easy, low-cost fix to install new windshield wipers, and AutoZone carries a wide range to choose from.

Symptoms of Failing Windshield Blades

Wiper blades wear out over time. Since they don't last forever, it's key to know how often to change wiper blades. As they deteriorate, the rubber edge develops nicks and cuts and becomes brittle. You'll notice streaks left behind after the wipers are activated and they sometimes chatter against the window when used. And of course, if you see bits of loose rubber, they should be replaced. It's recommended to replace the wiper blades as a set at least once per year.
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1-23 of 23 Results

    1-23 of 23 Results

    About 2016 Ford Fusion Windshield Wipers

    Best Windshield Wiper Size for 2016 Ford Fusion

    Improperly sized wiper blades either won't clear enough of the windshield or will damage each other or your Fusion. Selecting the right wiper blade size for 2016 Ford Fusion models can be as straightforward as measuring the length of each blade to buy the same size. What's even simpler is using the filter above to determine the correct blade size, according to how your car is equipped.

    How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

    Seldom do you find a DIY project as fast as 2016 Fusion windshield wiper replacement. No tools or special knowledge are required. Once you lift the wiper arm, a release tab can be pressed, and the old wiper blade slides off. Pull the new wiper blade into place until it clips in securely and it's done.

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