2009 Honda Civic Windshield Wipers

Do you have baked-on bug guts and tree sap that won't go away, or have you seen torn edges on your wipers that leave bad streaks behind after a swipe? If your wiper blades aren't performing at their best, it can affect your driving safety and it's time to install new ones. Thankfully, the job isn't difficult, and AutoZone offers a wide range of 2009 Honda Civic wiper blades designed to fit perfectly from top brands including Duralast Flex.

It's recommended to clean your wiper blades often with washer fluid and to replace your wipers as soon as symptoms appear. When you start noticing reduced performance or visible wear and tear on your wiper blades, replace them. AutoZone makes it easy to find the right 2009 Honda Civic wiper blade sizes, ranging from 26 to 28 inches on the driver's side and 22 to 24 inches on the passenger side. Choose beam-style or winter wipers for challenging conditions, promoting better clearing when the going gets tough.

AutoZone is your trusted source for all your automotive needs, from brake shoes to transmission fluid and wiper blades for your 2009 Honda Civic. When you can't make it to the store, Same Day Delivery gets your order in your hands in a hurry.
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1-24 of 75 Results

    1-24 of 75 Results