2015 Toyota RAV4 Windshield Wipers

2015 Toyota RAV4 wiper blades are for the sole purpose of cleaning precipitation, bugs, dirt, and other contaminants from your windshield so you can see while you drive. If you're struggling to see the road through gaps in the debris, it might be time to change the wiper blades. It's a fast and easy repair, and you'll find What It Takes To Do The Job Right at AutoZone.

Wiper blade edges are exposed to harsh environmental elements, and they require replacement from time to time. When you see signs of wiper deterioration like streaks on the windshield, torn edges on the wiper blade, and chattering against the windshield, it's clear you should install a new pair of wipers. It's recommended to replace your wiper blades at least once per year.

If you're in an area that freezes, should you leave the wiper blades up? While it can prevent the wipers from freezing to the windshield, it can strain the wiper arm tension springs and often isn't worth it.
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1-24 of 52 Results

    1-24 of 52 Results

    About 2015 Toyota RAV4 Windshield Wipers

    What Size Wiper Blade Does a 2015 Toyota RAV4 Need

    Only the correct size wipers will clear the windshield properly without damaging your vehicle. The front wiper blades are different sizes, so how do you select the right wiper blade size for 201 Toyota RAV4 models? One method that works is measuring the original wiper blade length and purchasing the same length to replace it, or you can use the filters above to narrow down the options for your vehicle. The 2015 RAV4 requires a 16-inch wiper for the passenger side and a 26-inch wiper blade for the driver's side.

    How to Change Wiper Blades

    2015 RAV4 windshield wiper replacement is simple and can be performed by anyone of any skill level. With the wiper arm lifted, press the lock tab and slide the old wiper off. The new wiper blade fits into the wiper arm clip with a snap.

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