Lethal Threat 6in X 12in Flames Decal
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Lethal Threat 6in X 12in Flames Decal

Lethal Threat



Part #LT44022


Flames on vehicles never go out of style! Makes your ride look like it is moving even when it is standing still. We all have seen great flame paint jobs that really accent the car,truck or boat. For every good one you see, there are 10 bad flame paint jobs that just ruined the ride they were meant to accent. Lucky for you we know a good flame from a bad one.

  • checkmarkSet includes a left and right facing main flame, and bonus flame lick.II
  • checkmarkAlso contains two smaller bonus flames, perfect for your laptop computer, cell phone, radio controlled plane, boat / car or any place you want some fire.II
  • checkmarkMain flame measures 8.75 inches long x 3 inches tall. Bonus flame lick is 3.3 inches long x 1.25 inches tall. II
  • checkmarkEasy peel and stick application.II
  • checkmarkWeather resistant for outdoor use.II
  • checkmarkPrinted on silver metal flake vinyl.
  • checkmarkDie cut to the exact shape of the design
  • checkmarkBonus Lethal Threat Gauge Skull metal flake bonus sticker