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Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Quick Detailer Spray 16oz

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Part # SPI66316
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Part #SPI66316
SKU #660057
Product Bulletins
InnerClean is the ultimate quick detailer that wipes away dirt, dust, and body oils from virtually all interior surfaces, restores a crisp OEM sheen, and protects against harmful UV solar rays. Clean dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, vinyl seats, glass, LCD screens, and more with InnerClean! The unique conditioners inside bring life back to dry and neglected interior surfaces and restores a matte, factory-fresh appearance. New anti-static agents and zero-residue formula help repel light dust and dirt to maintain a crisp, clean feel across cleaned surfaces. Without proper protection against harsh UV sunlight, plastic and vinyl parts can crack and fade. Cleaning and treating interior surfaces with InnerClean infuses them with premium sunblockers and UV rejectors to protect them from degrading in sunlight. InnerClean freshens any interior with the crisp scent of pineapple or baby powder, while enzymatic odor eliminators destroy odors at their source.
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    Quickly clean with no residue left behind
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    Quick one-step detailing on the go
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    Restore original OEM appearance
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    Clean without leaving behind greasy shine
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    Restore a rich OEM appearance