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1-24 of 53 Results


      Headliner Replacement

      Replace Your Headliner for Safer Driving

      It can be more than just a matter of how your car or truck looks. If your interior headliner is beginning to become detached, you could also be courting an accident. You don't want your headliner suddenly coming loose and blocking your view of the road ahead while you're barreling down the highway. A droopy sagging piece of headliner that ends up in your face while you're passing an 18-wheeler at 60 mph is not a good way to test your driving skills. Looks count on their own, however, so you may have already been thinking about checking out some of the best headliner replacements for cars and trucks.

      Customize Interior Style

      AutoZone has everything you need to get your headliner looking brand new or even better than new. You can do more than just replace your torn and worn-out headliner. Consider going for the European sports car look and add some custom styling to the interior of your vehicle with a high-tech synthetic grey suede headliner. Your first question may be “Where can I find great headliner replacements near me?” With thousands of store locations across the USA, online shopping, a huge inventory and fast home delivery, AutoZone is the only place you need to look.

      Simple Installation Directions

      Most headliner replacement kits come with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, require only household tools and are typically installed in less than an hour. There's no sewing required and well-trained phone support techs are available to answer any questions you have. Even first-time DIY initiates find a perfect custom-styling or universal kit that's also a snap to install. Kits are available for both two-door and four-door vehicle models and many kits can be color-matched to sun-visor replacement packages. The universal trim-to-fit headliner replacement kits work with most vehicles regardless of interior accessories such as hand grips, dome lights and sun roofs. Many kits contain everything you need in one package, although some require an additional purchase of headliner adhesive.

      Variety Headliner Materials

      Our wide range of headliner styles and custom fits enables you to add a personal touch to your ride's interior regardless of how vivid your imagination is. There's a wide and colorful variety of replacement headliner shades and materials to choose from. If your goal is to simply replace an old and torn headliner, there are also neutral colors such as grey or charcoal to choose from. Most headliner replacement fabrics are prelaminated with foam backing and are wrinkle-proof and sound-absorbent. Enjoy discovering additional uses for the variety of available interior fabrics and colors, such as adding styling to dashboards, door panels, consoles, speakers and trunk liners. At AutoZone, count on us to help you find exactly what you're looking for. We're well prepared to answer all your questions and we take pride in making sure you're getting what's best for your car or truck. It's also good to know that you're scoring the lowest prices on headliner replacements.