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1-24 of 826 Results


      Ignition Lock Cylinder

      Start Your Car With Ease

      Every time you turn on your car, you stick your key into the ignition lock cylinder. Unless, of course, you own a newer vehicle that is equipped with a smart key or push-button start system. Often located on the steering column, the ignition lock cylinder is connected to the ignition switch which is responsible for activating your vehicle's main electrical system. While this switch is what cranks your engine and starts your car, it can also be used to put your car into the accessory position which doesn't turn on the engine but gives your vehicle power to use electrical accessories like power windows, the radio, or air conditioning. If you are experiencing any issues with starting your car or turning the key, it is often the ignition lock cylinder to blame. Luckily, we carry the best ignition lock cylinders for cars and trucks at AutoZone, so finding a new lock cylinder that works for your car should be easy.

      Look Out for These Symptoms

      There are several signs to look for that indicate you likely have a faulty ignition lock cylinder. One of the first symptoms you'll notice is issues starting your car or certain positions not working unless you jostle the key. This often means the lock cylinder itself is worn out. Eventually, the cylinder can break completely and your vehicle will not start. Additionally, as your car key becomes worn over time or gets bent, it will damage the wafer tumblers in the ignition cylinder and cause issues with turning your key or inserting and removing it. Another sign to look out for is the anti-theft warning light appearing on the dash. Once you've determined that the ignition lock cylinder is the culprit for any of these problems, head on down to your nearest AutoZone or use our mobile app for the lowest prices on ignition lock cylinders.

      Choose the Right Ignition Lock Cylinder for Your Vehicle

      Your ignition lock cylinder is designed to work with a particular key, so you will need to purchase a key and ignition lock set. When choosing a new ignition lock cylinder, you will need to make sure the part you choose is compatible with your specific vehicle. If shopping online, start by searching for “ignition lock cylinders near me” and make sure to enter your vehicle's details to narrow down the results. Then you can easily compare prices, read reviews, and opt for having the part you choose delivered to the store or your home. If visiting any one of our stores, simply let one of our knowledgeable AutoZoners know that you're looking for a new ignition lock cylinder. From there, we'll ask you the information we need about your vehicle and help you quickly track down the part you're looking for.