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Edelbrock Performance Camshaft 2208

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Part # 2208
SKU # 444616
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Part #
Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift
Lobe Separation
Advertised Intake Duration
Exhaust Valve Lift
Basic Operating RPM Range
Intake Valve Lift
Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Camshaft #2208 is designed for 265-350 V8 Chevy engines from 1957-86 and produces optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range. Rollin' Thunder camshafts should be matched with Performer manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 rpm. They are smooth idling cams for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs and 4x4s. You can expect a major improvement in throttle response and torque. In the manifold section you'll find torque graphs showing the power gains from Performer manifolds and Performer-Plus cams. All camshafts include flat tappet lifters (except for cams designed for use with stock roller lifters), assembly lube and instructions. This cam produced 363HP and 402 Ft Lbs of Torque when paired with Performer EPS intake manifold #2716, Performer Carb #1407, Performer E-Tec cylinder heads #60975 and Edelbrock roller tappet lifter set #97423. Must be used with a thrust button. Camshaft specifications: - Intake duration: 212 Degrees - Exhaust duration: 222 Degrees - Intake lift: .462" - Exhaust lift: .479" - Lobe separation: 112 Degree - Intake Center Line: 107 Degree - Vacuum: 16"
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    Exhaust 222 deg/Intake 212 deg Duration @ .050 Lift
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    Exhaust 0.479in./Intake 0.462in. Valve Lift
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    112 deg Lobe Steps