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Multi V-Belt

OE Technology Series

  • Continental is the OE belt on millions of Ford, GM, Chrysler and leading import vehicles
  • Continental's aftermarket Multi V-Belts are precision-engineered for perfect fit, form and function
  • There’s an OE Technology Series Belt for 98% of the vehicles on the road in the U.S. and Canada
  • Designed and constructed to last longer and run quieter

Continental is one of the world's largest automotive suppliers

For over 145 years, Continental has been a driving force as a major OE supplier to many of the world’s leading domestic and import automobile manufacturers. As a leading provider of OE belts on vehicles worldwide, Continental is uniquely positioned to lead innovation in aftermarket products like Continental OE Technology Series Multi V-Belts. They’re the belts engines already know, and they’re precision-engineered for perfect fit, form and function.

Multi V-belt

Multi V-Belt - Continental's advanced EPDM rubber compounds eliminate the chirps, squeaks and squeals associated with pulley misalignment. The polyester tension member is specially treated to reduce elongation and is compatible with the automatic tensioners used in today’s belt drive systems. Advanced technologies allow for increased flexibility and abrasion and heat resistance.

Stretch Belt

Stretch Belt - It’s built specifically for drives that don’t have a mechanical tensioner to maintain constant belt tension or an adjustment slot that allows for belt installation or tensioning. Continental's distinctive design uses the latest OEM technology in EPDM compounds and a polyamide tensile cord that stretches for installation, then recovers once installed to maintain proper tension.

Extreme HD Belt

Extreme HD Belt - It is specifically designed for heavy-duty truck applications with extreme temperature buildup (hot and cold) that requires additional abrasion resistance. Continental's highly advanced EPDM polymers resist cracking and heat buildup, which improves flex life and reduces wear.

Multi V-Belt Kit with Tensioner

Multi V-Belt Kit with Tensioner - More than 100 million vehicles on the road today use automatic belt tensioners. With Continental's kit, they team up their Multi V-Belt with an automatic belt tensioner with Accu-Drive® Technology that meets or exceeds OE specifications for all major car manufacturers.

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What is a Multi V-Belt?

Multi V-belts are named for their grooved shape which is capable of holding onto high speed pulleys without slipping. The rotational force from the pulleys pulls the grooved Vs deeper into the pulleys for even better grip. These belts function as either single component belts or as serpentine belts that rotate multiple pulleys at once.

What are Multi V-Belts used for?

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