Duralast Gold brake pads are totally redesigned and quieter than ever! They have been dramatically improved to give you long-lasting stopping power that is virtually noise free! Duralast Gold brake pads have been completely redesigned all the way through with every component upgraded. So you get brake pads that deliver the quiet, safe stops you want without giving up braking performance. Bring unwanted brake noise to a STOP. Get a set of Duralast Gold brake pads today - sold only at AutoZone.

Improved Duralast Gold Brake Pads


with reformulated block and OE-style chamfers to deliver smoother, quieter stopping and long pad life


to neutralize noise-causing vibrations


formulated to prevent corrosion for long life & to minimize noise risk

Better Friction Materials for Dependable, Safe Stopping Power

With some brake pads on the market you have to give up stopping power for quiet braking - but not with Duralast Gold. New friction formulas utilizing superior base components have been developed for quieter, safe stops and long life.

  • Premium grade carbon for longer brake life
  • High-quality steel fibers to minimize wear and deliver greater stopping power
  • Choice aramid fibers dampen noise vibration and reduce noise across a wide frequency spectrum

These friction blocks match the original formulas type by application, so if your original brakes used a semi-metallic pad, so does Duralast!

Better Friction Materials

Shims Redesigned for Less Vibration To Eliminate Noise

Brake noise is a result of vibration. Duralast Gold's clever design allows for greater vibration control to cancel noise at the source. More application specific shims have been added to the line up. These shims may offer:

  • Peel-away adhesive layers
  • Textured nitrile rubber
  • Rust resistant steel or acrylic adhesive

All of these configurations are based on the original shim styles and offer greater vibration dampening for quieter performance.

Redesigned Shim

Backing Plate With Unique Powder Coating For Long Pad Life

Duralast Gold brake pads feature a unique powder coating that protects from corrosion while contributing to noise reduction. Helps protect against:

  • Rust
  • Salt
  • Road Grime
  • Petroleum Compounds
Backing Plate

Quieter Than Ever - Tested and Proven

In recent tests to real world driving conditions, Duralast Gold pads were as quiet or quieter than the top four competitors pads. And, they offered significantly longer wear life than any of the competition tested.

Competition Pad Life Test & Competition Noise Test

Third-party tested for nine of the noisiest OE applications and against the leading competition to ensure maximum noise control and superior wear life.

Application Noise Test

When it's time for new brakes, upgrade to Duralast Gold, sold only at AutoZone. We've got everything you need to do the job right, including expert advice. Because parts are just part of what we do.

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