Duralast Gold Chassis Hero image
Duralast Gold Chassis Hero image
Duralast Gold Chassis

Tougher Through Technology

Duralast Gold chassis parts are built using advanced processes and unique engineering to maximize their durability. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure that long-lasting dependability and strength are built into every part, making sure your vehicle is ready to handle even the harshest driving conditions.

Sway Bar Links

Sway Bar Links

Ball Joints

Ball Joints

Tie Rod Ends

Tie Rod Ends

Idler Arms

Idler Arms

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Duralast Gold chassis parts are engineered for long-lasting, heavy-duty use and cover the hardest-working trucks and SUVs in the market

Hard Hat


Duralast Gold chassis parts employ greasable metal-on-metal designs as well as tool grabs, wrenching flats, knurled housings and other installer-friendly features



Duralast Gold chassis parts are manufactured in facilities carefully selected, tested and continually monitored to assure adherence to quality standards employing a strict control process

Brutal testing for uncompromised quality

Premium Studs

Induction-hardened ball studs reduce risk of failure in severe impacts

Integrated Bearing with Larger Ball

Greater surface area improves ability to absorb and dissipate impact resulting in reduced wear

Premium Ball Stud Finish

A smoother, micro-polished finish increases durability and extends joint life

Superior Coating

Superior corrosion-resistant coatings prolong service life

Installation Features

Slotted or hex-head tool grabs, large wrenching flats and bigger knurled housings offer an easy and dependable installation

Hardened Studs

Induction hardening adds up to 50% more fatigue durability

Larger Ball

More surface area better distributes the suspension load

Integrated Bearing

Unique engineering eliminates failure point and holds larger ball

Zerk Fitting

Contains premium grease (tech preferred), serviceability extends life of ball joint

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Sway bars hold the vehicle’s frame to wheel suspension parts to prevent the body from leaning too far and increase stability in turns. The sway bar link is a small linkage that typically uses ball joints to connect the sway bar to the strut or control arm. Stronger links mean better stability.

Ball joints connect the sway bar and steering knuckle to the control arm and feature ball-and-socket design. Duralast Gold ball joints are built to keep your vehicle’s weight square on your wheels.

Tie rod ends transfer force from the steering rack to the steering knuckle. Duralast Gold uses heavy-gauge steel to give you a solid, reliable connection between your steering wheel and the vehicle’s front end.

The idler arm is a pivoting support that attaches the center link to the frame and transfers steering motion to the vehicle’s passenger side. A stronger idler arm ensures better stability and control when turning.

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