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For OE Performance

Duralast starters are manufactured to meet or exceed OE quality and performance for torque. That means you can feel confident every time you turn the key.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our starters with a limited-lifetime warranty. It's important to us that when you get on the road, you're driving with real confidence.

Start Tough

Duralast starters are made with proprietary components and processes to ensure maximum longevity. The starters are 100% triple tested to ensure a long life and consistent performance.

We stand behind our starters with a limited-lifetime warranty. Duralast starters give you the high torque you need for superior performance.

Every unit is built with 100% new brushes that meet high quality standards.

Individual components are tested. They're built into sub-assemblies and tested again. Then every completed unit is tested to ensure OE or better performance.

We stand behind each starter with a limited-lifetime warranty so you know you're going to start strong.

Our starters feature 100% new armature support bushings for maximum longevity and performance.


  1. Duralast starters are triple tested to meet or exceed OE quality
  2. Each starter has 100% replacement of bushings and brushes as well as a limited-lifetime warranty

Duralast Gold®

  1. Every Duralast Gold starter is 100% new with proprietary components that ensure maximum life, durability, and performance
  2. Every unit is 100% tested before and after assembly

Knowledge Is Power

Triple Tested

At Duralast, we take pride in giving you the best performance for your money. Since 1979, we've been here for mechanics, enthusiasts, and DIYers who are serious about getting the job done right.

That's why all our starters are triple tested to ensure a long life and consistent performance. We want to get you started with real power.

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  • The modern starter motor is either a permanent-magnet or a series-parallel wound direct current electric motor.
  • AutoZone® can test your complete starting and charging system, from battery to starter to alternator, at once.
  • Common signs of wear on a starter include sporadic engine cranking and poor starting quality.

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