Trustworthy Advice:
How do I get rid of Antifreeze?


Antifreeze or coolant is toxic and must not be poured down a drain. Recycling centers and service stations have information on proper disposal in your area.

Some Helpful Tips

  • How do I dispose of antifreeze?

    Make sure the antifreeze is in a safe, closable container to prevent spills. Contact local recycling centers and service stations for more information on local disposal. Do NOT pour antifreeze down the drain. Do NOT pour antifreeze outside. The content of your antifreeze, whether it is new or used or mixed with another fluid, is important. Take note of the makeup of your antifreeze when inquiring about local disposal methods.

  • How do I clean up an antifreeze spill?

    Carefully and safely absorb the material with kitty litter or sand, cover with paper towels, then wipe up after letting it rest. Throw away the collected material and wash the area with soap and water before drying thoroughly.

  • Is antifreeze dangerous for pets?

    Yes, very much so. Antifreeze is toxic for pretty much all living things, but pets are particularly attracted to the smell and taste of antifreeze. Take extra care with regard to open containers or spills around dogs, cats or other household pets.