Pennzoil® Benefits

  • Pennzoil motor oils protect your hardworking engine components from oxidation, and the resulting corrosion, over the normal oil change interval.
  • Our field test data shows that Pennzoil motor oil stands up to extreme conditions and protects your engine from searing desert heat and harsh cold winter driving conditions.
  • Pennzoil motor oils don't just help prevent sludge. They're designed to clear away sludge, dirt, debris and deposits from engine components and prevent blockages of important oil pathways.
  • The oil locks up the dirt, rendering it harmless until it is removed at the next oil change. Pennzoil motor oils form a protective film over your engine components and have special additives between moving surfaces, preventing contact and reducing drag. This helps your engine to operate as quietly and effectively as the day it left the factory.
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The Next Revolution

  • Pennzoil has created a clean and pure synthetic motor oil that leads to better performance.
  • While most motor oils use a crude oil base, Pennzoil synthetics are made from pure, clean natural gas. One of the strongest and cleanest molecules in the universe, natural gas is the major building block that makes the Pennzoil Platinum line of synthetics with PurePlus Technology.

Look Who Made The Switch To Pennzoil® Synthetics...

Joey Made The Switch And Became The 2015 Daytona 500 Champion!

Pennzoil® Full Synthetics High Mileage

Make the switch to Pennzoil Synthetics and experience all the benefits. Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Vehicle motor oil helps reduce leaks in vehicles with 75,000+ miles.

Engine technology is advancing faster than ever. In fact, 7 out of 10 new vehicles require synthetic motor oil.1 When vehicles requiring synthetics reach 75,000 miles, it's time to make the switch to Pennzoil Platinum® High Mileage with PurePlus Technology for complete protection.

PurePlus Technology is a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into a 99.5% pure base oil. Combining it with high performance additives means Pennzoil Platinum® High Mileage Full Synthetic motor oil is proven to deliver less oil burn off than conventional motor oils made from crude oil.2 Additionally, Pennzoil Platinum® High Mileage keeps pistons up to 40% cleaner than the toughest industry standards3 to help keep the engines running clean and going strong.

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